[Haskell-cafe] Hugs, dotnet, C#...

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Wed Oct 3 10:23:50 EDT 2007

In the (Win)Hugs documentation, I found

"Only the ccall, stdcall and *dotnet *calling conventions are supported. 
All others are flagged as errors."

However, I fail to find any more information on how to invoke dotnet 
methods. This might be really handy for me, as I'm very familiar with 
the dotnet framework.

For example, yesterday I rewrote and extended a program that I wanted to 
develop in Haskell in just 3 hours using dotnet, while I spend weeks 
trying do this in Haskell. Of course, I'm a Haskell newbie and a dotnet 
expert, so this is not a fair comparison. However, I got a strange 
feeling, which I want to share with you :) First of all, it was a 
*horrible* experience to program C# again; I needed to type at least 3 
times the amount of code, much of which was boilerplate code, and the 
code is not elegant. Haskell really changed my point of view on this; 
before I knew Haskell, I found C# (I'm talking C# 3.0 here) a really 
neat and nice language. On the other hand, the great Visual Studio IDE 
and Resharper addin made it at least 3 times faster to type, navigate, 
refactor, and debug the code... Somehow, I get things done really really 
really fast in C#, albeit in an "ugly" way. Once again, I just wish 
Haskell had such an IDE... And yes, I know of the existance of Visual 
Haskell, EclipseFP, Haskell Mode for Emacs (which I'm using), VIM, YI, 
but still, these do not compare with the experience I have when using 
Visual Studio/Resharper (or Eclipse or IntelliJ/IDEA for Java). But that 
might just be me of course...

A slightly frustrated Peter ;-)

BTW: I don't want to bring up the IDE discussion again, no really ;-)

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