[Haskell-cafe] Proposal: simple interface to libraries Haddock

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 18:36:00 EST 2007


> And when will Hoogle 4 be more than vapourwear? :) I guess the answer
> is 'whenever people stop asking me and start contributing patches' ;)

Patches are not what I need, since all the ideas/designs are in my
head. I'll try and get somewhere on it soon, but my time is pretty
well booked for the next 3 months. I reckon I'm perhaps a week of
coding away from a text-search only. I'll probably release it as
Hoogle 0.4 at that point, so people can use these new features (and
test them) while I get the type search working (another week of work,

The libraries required for Hoogle are done though, TagSoup and
BinaryDefer - but I haven't had chance to release them yet...

> Seriously, though, this sounds perfect. In fact, in terms of writing
> Emacs integration, I think enough information is there to be able to
> use the current hoodoc interface (which involves knowing the module
> it's defined in, but not the package). In terms of a human interface,
> though, I think having to specify the module is too much of a burden,
> so I'll wait on Hoogle 4.

Yes, once Hoogle 4 is out, I can give you pretty much exactly the
interface you like. I've designed it so Hoogle 4 has the logic for
hoodoc and hoogle combined - making these tricks much easier.



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