[Haskell-cafe] External Core

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 13:46:38 EST 2007

Hi Ricky,

> For the last year I've been working on a program to translate between
> Haskell and Java.  Originally this was for my third year dissertation to
> contribute towards my Masters in computer science at Sheffield University,
> UK.
> I have been given the opportunity to continue this project and have become
> interested in using the Core representation as an intermediary language.

You might be interested in Yhc.Core - its like GHC's Core, but is
simpler, untyped and (in my opinion) better supported.


We already have a Haskell -> Javascript convertor written using this,
so your type of application is certainly doable using what we have
already. There are quite a few users of Yhc.Core already, and everyone
has had nice things to say about it :)

If you have any specific Yhc.Core questions feel free to ask away



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