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Ricky Barefield aca03rdb at sheffield.ac.uk
Tue Feb 6 13:39:31 EST 2007

Dear All,
For the last year I've been working on a program to translate between
Haskell and Java.  Originally this was for my third year dissertation to
contribute towards my Masters in computer science at Sheffield
University, UK.
I have been given the opportunity to continue this project and have
become interested in using the Core representation as an intermediary
I understand that GHC can produce 'hcr' files which are specified in "An
external representation for the ghc core language" 2001 and to this
point I have been successful.
I have also downloaded the tools for manipulating Core available from
I've tried running Happy on these files but get the error `Not enough
type arguments for the type synonym "P"' when I try to run the resultant
Parser.hs in Hugs and similar errors when run in GHC.
What I'm trying to achieve is to read the hcr files into a Haskell data
type which I could work with, if anyone could give me any help with
using the files for manipulating Core I would be very grateful.
Many Thanks,
Ricky Barefield
4th Yr Undergraduate
University of Sheffield
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