[Haskell-cafe] Let's welcome the Ruby hackers!

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Feb 1 01:04:00 EST 2007

As seen here, reports from 'Rails Edge':


  > It seems like everyone is turning onto Haskell these days.

  > At Rails Edge last week, I saw a few telltale signs that some of the
  > speakers (including a few members of the Rails core team) were playing with
  > Haskell. In one case, a speaker was flipping through TextMate projects, and
  > briefly displayed one project named "Haskell". In another case, the
  > presenter's browser had a link to All About Monads centered in the middle
  > of the bookmarks bar.

  > Of course, I had to take the opportunity to see why these speakers were
  > interested in Haskell. One speaker was looking into Parsec for some
  > insights into language design (for DSLs, probably), while another was
  > revisiting the language after he tried to learn it a few years ago.

  > It turns out that a few members of the Rails team have informally chosen
  > Haskell as their language of the year this year. Nothing formal, just a
  > bunch of folks who hang out on irc periodically trading bits and pieces of
  > Haskell.

  > Somehow, I think this bodes well for both Rails and Haskell.

More from the same guy:


(On not writing Rails support code in C, instead in Haskell).

So a big hello to any Ruby/Rails hackers lurking out there!
Free lambdas for all if you drop by #haskell...


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