[Haskell-cafe] How did you stumble on Haskell?

szefirov at ot.ru szefirov at ot.ru
Thu Feb 1 00:32:14 EST 2007

> What's folks most interesting ways to arrive at FP?

Mine isn't most interesting.

I did some interesting (I think so) research in visualisation and coded 
it in C. Then I tried to extend it - speed it up, add more features, 
etc, - and found C unsatisfactory. It is error prone and C programs 
cannot be modified easily.

Then I tried some macro languages, M4 and like, again without 
satisfaction - the same modification failures. No one can keep things 
tied up for me.

Then I search and roam, I left my visualisation research behind 
programming languages field and found Haskell. It got me by syntax then 
by type system.

I still hope I'll return to visualisation research.

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