[Haskell-cafe] best Linux for GHC?

Ketil Malde Ketil.Malde at bccs.uib.no
Mon Nov 13 02:45:59 EST 2006

Grady Lemoine wrote:
> I use Ubuntu,
Me too, and I'm fairly happy with it.
> My only complaint Haskell-wise is that GHC 6.6 hasn't made it into the
> package system yet; the latest available from the package system is
> 6.4.1, 

6.4.2 is in the latest version (Edgy).  I've tried to pester them into 
shipping 6.6, but they're
a bit conservative on that point.
> but you could always download 6.6 and compile it yourself if
> necessary.
I just download the binary snapshots, that usually "just works".
>> Now i'm consider installation of some Linux version at my box. 
Welcome aboard!
>> My friend offered me 3 variants: SuSe, Fedora Core 5, free variant of
>> RedHat (i can't remember its name, may be Ubuntu?)
CentOS, perhaps?  It is usually good advice to choose whatever your 
friends are using,
that way, it's easier to get help.  If you really want to learn how 
Linux ticks, I'd recommend
Gentoo - it's a bit more work, but the recipes are easy to follow, and 
you'll know a lot more
about how your system works afterwards.

We use CentOS at work, and I'm not too happy about it - too many 
outdated versions of
too much software.  Gentoo is fun and flexible, but everything takes 
time (it compiles
everything on installation), and when I python upgrade broke my box, I 
decided enough was enough.

Most of my business-oriented friends seem to like SuSE, but Fedora was 
too unstable last time I looked (which
admittedly is some time ago).
>> i suspect that it is a really dumb question, and GHC will work great
>> just with any linux i can find :) 
True.  There may be some dependency issues between ghc binary snapshots 
and libraries
(libreadline 4 vs 5?), but it'll mostly all work.


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