[Haskell-cafe] strange ghc program behaviour

Koen.Roelandt at mineco.fgov.be Koen.Roelandt at mineco.fgov.be
Tue Mar 21 09:52:03 EST 2006


I'm a Haskell newbie using HaXml for the conversion of xml files into html 
files. I'm using GHC 6.4 to compile the program.
When I run the program, it will not convert the whole file: the document 
tree is incomplete and will stop when the limit of e.g. 8k has been 

E.g. An xml file of 12.3k will result in a file of 8k and will stop at 8k
An xml file of 15.7k will result in a file of 16k
An xml file of 36k will result in a file of 24k

In an output to the screen (and not to a file), the whole document tree is 
being generated.
Am I missing something obvious here (memory issues)?
On compilation, ghc issues warnings about the class FiniteMap and Module 
IOExts being deprecated. Is this the cause?
Any ideas?



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