[Haskell-cafe] Help building HSQL...

Bjorn Bringert bringert at cs.chalmers.se
Mon Jul 10 12:50:31 EDT 2006

On Jul 10, 2006, at 2:57 AM, Martin Percossi wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to build HSQL, in order to use HaskellDb. The base  
> directory (i.e. HSQL) builds ok, as per instructions, but the  
> PostgreSQL directory fails with the error message:
> Setup.lhs:17:71:
>   Couldn't match `PackageDescription' against `LocalBuildInfo'
>     Expected type: Args -> ConfigFlags -> LocalBuildInfo -> IO  
> ExitCode
>     Inferred type: [String]
>                    -> ConfigFlags
>                    -> PackageDescription
>                    -> LocalBuildInfo
>                    -> IO ExitCode
>   In the `postConf' field of a record
>   In the record update: defaultUserHooks {preConf = preConf,  
> postConf = postConf}
> My version of ghc is 6.4.2.
> My installed packages are (using "ghc-pkg list"):
>   Cabal-1.0, (Cabal-1.1.4), GLUT-2.0, HUnit-1.1, MissingH-0.14.2,
>   OpenGL-2.0, QuickCheck-1.0, base-1.0, (concurrent-1.0), (data-1.0),
>   fgl-5.2, haskell-src-1.0, haskell98-1.0, hsql-1.7, (hssource-1.0),
>   (lang-1.0), mtl-1.0, (net-1.0), network-1.0, parsec-1.0,
>   (posix-1.0), readline-1.0, rts-1.0, stm-1.0, template-haskell-1.0,
>   (text-1.0), unix-1.0, (util-1.0)
> Note that I have installed all of these packages, and ghc into my ~/ 
> opt directory, as I don't have root.
> Has anyone seen the above error message before? Am I using the  
> incorrect version of Cabal? Any help appreciated.

Hi Martin,

that definitely looks like a Cabal version problem. It looks like you  
have Cabal-1.0 exposed and Cabal-1.1.4 hidden. Can you try reversing  
that? This should do it:

ghc-pkg hide Cabal-1.0
ghc-pkg expose Cabal-1.1.4


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