[Haskell-cafe] Help building HSQL...

Martin Percossi haskell-cafe at martinpercossi.com
Mon Jul 10 05:57:58 EDT 2006

Hi, I'm trying to build HSQL, in order to use HaskellDb. The base 
directory (i.e. HSQL) builds ok, as per instructions, but the PostgreSQL 
directory fails with the error message:

   Couldn't match `PackageDescription' against `LocalBuildInfo'
     Expected type: Args -> ConfigFlags -> LocalBuildInfo -> IO ExitCode
     Inferred type: [String]
                    -> ConfigFlags
                    -> PackageDescription
                    -> LocalBuildInfo
                    -> IO ExitCode
   In the `postConf' field of a record
   In the record update: defaultUserHooks {preConf = preConf, postConf = 

My version of ghc is 6.4.2.
My installed packages are (using "ghc-pkg list"):
   Cabal-1.0, (Cabal-1.1.4), GLUT-2.0, HUnit-1.1, MissingH-0.14.2,
   OpenGL-2.0, QuickCheck-1.0, base-1.0, (concurrent-1.0), (data-1.0),
   fgl-5.2, haskell-src-1.0, haskell98-1.0, hsql-1.7, (hssource-1.0),
   (lang-1.0), mtl-1.0, (net-1.0), network-1.0, parsec-1.0,
   (posix-1.0), readline-1.0, rts-1.0, stm-1.0, template-haskell-1.0,
   (text-1.0), unix-1.0, (util-1.0)

Note that I have installed all of these packages, and ghc into my ~/opt 
directory, as I don't have root.

Has anyone seen the above error message before? Am I using the incorrect 
version of Cabal? Any help appreciated.


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