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Wed Dec 13 06:57:03 EST 2006


Yhc also has a .NET generating capability, just pass the -dotnet flag.




On 12/12/06, Monique Monteiro <monique.louise at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Justin,
>   I've runned a research project about this topic (in fact, it was the
> subject of my MSc dissertation).  Please see the Haskell.NET Project
> (http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~haskell/haskelldotnet).  We have compiled a
> subset of the Haskell language to .NET, but we still don't have an
> available release (we don't support the full Haskell prelude yet).
> The compiler is an extension to GHC.
>   In the future, we intend to provide full interoperability with .NET
> in this way.  There are some interesting references in the website
> about our compilation strategies.
>   If you need further information about the project's status, please
> contact Prof. André Santos (alms at cin.ufpe.br) and/or Guilherme Avelino
> (gaa at cin.ufpe.br).
> Best regards,
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