[Haskell-cafe] Hacking Haskell in Nightclubs?

Paul Hudak paul.hudak at yale.edu
Tue Nov 29 22:10:46 EST 2005

rd at slavepianos.org wrote:
> Real-time audio is much simpler these days due to SuperCollider, a
> truly excellent cross platform audio synthesis server by James
> McCartney.
> ...
> OSC messages can be timestamped, and SuperCollider has a sample
> accurate scheduling queue, so language timing jitter can easily be
> worked around.  I think that the SuperCollider model is an excellent
> fit with languages like Haskell.

Thanks, this is just what I've been waiting for!  I believe the 
time-stamping of events, and a suitable scheduling queue, are critical 
for making real-time music.  With the work you've done I suspect it 
would be pretty easy to build a SuperCollider backend for Haskore.


> Regards,
> Rohan
> On Mon Nov 28 21:35:38 EST 2005 Paul Hudak wrote:
>>Although Haskore (haskell.org/haskore) doesn't currently support
>>real-time music, it's something I've thought about numerous times in the
>>past, and wish I had the time to do it...
>>-Paul Hudak

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