[Haskell-cafe] Buddha and GHC 6.4

Gour list at atmarama.org
Mon Jun 20 11:03:35 EDT 2005

Bernard Pope (bjpop at cs.mu.OZ.AU) wrote:

> Plargleflarp is a decoy. I started getting complaints about the name
> when the program was noticed by someone on a linux mailing list. The
> complaints have come from buddhists who don't like the use of the word.

This is really a nonsense. The word has lot of meanings. Let them take
a look in any Sanskrit dictionary.

> To stop the complaints I renamed every occurrence of buddha to
> plargleflarp on the webpage. 

This term is not the best one :-)

> So what will happen in the long term? As yet I don't know. I might
> rename the program when version 2.0 comes out, I might not. If you have
> any opinion then please let me know.

To make people happy, why not use the name 'buddha' instead of 'Buddha' ?

Then they cannot complain any longer ;)


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