[Haskell-cafe] RE: Answers to Exercises in Craft of FP

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Wed Jan 26 12:30:47 EST 2005

Paul Hudak (paul.hudak at yale.edu) wrote:

> I'm not sure how Simon Thompson feels, or other instructors using his or 
> my book, but a downside of posting all of the solutions is that the 
> problems cannot be assigned for homework.  

That's true. Being a self-learner I forgot that your books are used as a

> I have many of the solutions to SOE problems, and could post them, but
> am wondering if it would be better to make them available only to
> instructors, or to those who might convince me that they are not
> reading the book for credit.  Or is that being too draconian?

How to discern self-study from the university sudent?

And this is maybe specific to Haskell-like community, i.e. for other
programming languages there are so many books/materials/mailinglists/...
so it is prety hard to give some specific homework expecting one cannot
find an answer.

At the same time, those who take adavantage of solutions (both students
& self-study guys) won't benefit much from it - they have to pass the
exam at the end or write some real code in a language :-)

So, imho, solutions can be helpful for those who can take advantage of

Let's hear what Simon Thompson thinks in regard.


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