[Haskell-cafe] Learning Haskell

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at jeltsch.net
Wed Dec 7 10:03:27 EST 2005

Am Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2005 20:58 schrieb Bulat Ziganshin:
> [...]

> i already sayed about lacking of OOP features.

This is the old discussion again.  Do we need OOP features?  Or do we want to 
avoid OOP features?  I would like to avoid them.  Maybe I have not enough 
experience with situations where they are helpful but maybe there exist 
better alternatives.

> another weakness against Erlang and scripting languages is their more
> dynamic character which sometimes is more appropriate, especially in
> scripting, web pages and other applets

What do you mean with "more dynamic"?  More dynamic typing?  Where is this 
important?  By the way, I'm thinking about a web development framework where 
static typing is essential for enforcing certain restrictions and consistency 
conditions.  Currently, I cannot see where dynamic typing would help for web 
programming but this does not mean that there aren't such situations.

Best wishes,

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