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Thu Nov 20 22:28:55 EST 2003

G'day all.

Quoting "Alexandru D. Salcianu" <salcianu at MIT.EDU>:

> I'm interested in more than one Set implementation, one FiniteMap
> implementation etc. (we already have this in the standard Haskell'98
> library).

The closest thing we have to this in semi-active development is Edison.

Current version is here:

It may not have all of the association/collection implementations that
you want, but if you're already resigned to implementing them, then
making them Edison-conformant wouldn't hurt. :-)

Let me know if you want checkin rights.

> Furthermore, I'm interested in a library that can be compiled /
> interpreted by a mainstream tool, e.g., ghc, hugs etc.  I've already
> started writting such a library (mainly for didactic purposes), but I
> would like to know if an enstablished collection library already
> exists.

Edison works fine under GHC.  It hasn't been officially ported to
Hugs, but it doesn't use any GHC-onlyisms.  I believe that hierarchical
libraries, multi-parameter type classes and fundeps are the only
extensions used.

On the topic of Edison, everyone seems to agree that it's a good idea,
but nobody seems to want it as an official part of their distributions,
and for a good reason: It doesn't _quite_ seem like The Right Thing(tm).
This is one reason why further development hasn't been a high priority

Andrew Bromage

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