MacOS X Project Builder and Haskell

Andre Pang
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 11:51:49 -0700

On Monday, June 23, 2003, at 02:11 AM, Ashley Yakeley wrote:

> I wrote:
>> Does anyone else use Project Builder with Haskell? Once you fiddle
>> around with it a bit, it seems to work OK with makefiles. But I 
>> wondered
>> if anyone had any Haskell-specific extensions?
> OK, I made some spec files for recognising the existence of Haskell
> source files (single-click in file view) and doing syntax colouring:
> <>
> Put them both in one of these directories:
> ~/Developer/ProjectBuilder Extras/Specifications/
> /Developer/ProjectBuilder Extras/Specifications/
> I've put in PB projects in both HBase and HScheme CVS. Of course both 
> of
> them use "legacy Makefile" targets as I also want to build without PB.
> Otherwise PB uses Peforce's "jam" (replacement for make) as its build
> system, using clever regexes to recover warning and error messages from
> tools. So theoretically it should be possible to integrate GHC 
> directly.

Hi Ashley, I guess you've heard of the announcements of the new Apple 
IDE announced at WWDC recently ("Xcode").  I'm at WWDC right now, and 
I'll do my best to talk to the Apple engineers there to make sure that 
all the infrastructure is in place to be able to integrate Haskell/GHC 
with Xcode.  Xcode does look a little bit more extensible than Project 
Builder, but since it's in beta, not everything is actually 
documented/integrated yet (in particular, its native build system).

However, if you still want to use Project Builder, I have managed to 
get GHC integration going.  It's not pretty (put it this way: Perl is 
involved ...), but it _does_ work.  I'm planning to release it in ~2 
weeks, but if you can't wait, email me back and I'll give you a preview 
if I have time :).

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