Haskell-Cafe digest, Vol 1 #730 - 5 msgs

Mark Espinoza mark@felinemail.zzn.com
Mon, 23 Jun 2003 08:13:09 -0500

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 &nbsp;I am thinking about learning Haskell and rewriting my shopping cart,<BR>
which I have written very poorly in perl, in Haskell. I already have<BR>
GHC installed on my web server and personal computer. Is this a good<BR>
or bad idea? Does Haskell have anything like perl's CGI module? What<BR>
are the advantages of Haskell over Lisp? (I already have a couple of<BR>
Lisp books because I was looking into lisp when I discovered Haskell.)<BR>
I much prefer to learn from books rather than electronic media, so<BR>
what books could I use. Besides basic Haskell information, I would be<BR>
interested in any networking or CGI specific Haskell books.<BR>
Thanks in advance.<BR>
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