Haskell.org out of date

Claus Reinke claus.reinke@talk21.com
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 23:37:43 +0100

> .. doing your own bit (which can be as small as finding some
> specific out-of-date info, googling for the current link if any, and
> sending the diff to John and Olaf, or as big as taking charge of
> the part of haskell.org that most interests you and coming up
> with a system that makes maintenance easy;-). Good idea!-)
> Whenever anyone finds something odd about your haskell.org:
> just do something about it (preferably something that helps;-)!

for illustration: following Hampus' email, I fed the libraries and tools
url into http://validator.w3.org/checklink/ and found that most of the
invalid links on that page pointed to parts of Jan Skibinski's former site 
(numeric-quest). Several of Jan's articles and programs have been 
quite popular (nice mix of quantum mechanics and practical tools,
all with running commentary, not to mention his "Haskell Companion"
project), so that subject has come up a few time on the mailing list.

If we'd expect John and Olaf to monitor the dozens of Haskell-related
mailing lists for haskell.org-related issues, and then to do "something"
about them, they'd soon throw the towel - they aren't full-time admins. 
I admit to having made this naive assumption myself a few times..

So, this time round I instead downloaded the source of the webpage 
using wget, fixed up the numeric-quest links to go to the relevant parts 
of the Internet Archive (which is one of the places that saved the 
contents of Jan's site before that went down), added a few comments, 
and emailed the updated source to John and Olaf. This way, they only
had to check the diff and the new links to see whether they were happy
with the changes, and put the updated webpage online.

All that happened within a day.. The difference is between something 
they can do in between their real jobs and something that will have to 
wait for "later", whenever that may be. Not the best system, but it works.
Now, there are more links waiting for updates, even on that page, and 
especially the old stuff Hampus mentioned (ghc 2?-) needs some human 
looking into it. You don't have to fix everything at once to make a 
difference, but every one of you can make the site a little bit more 
consistent whenever you visit it - just as with Haskell implementations, 
libraries, and tools, bug reports are welcome, bug fixes even more so! 
Those of us who don't understand the innards of GHC&co. can still 
help in other ways, e.g., with the webpages.

Over to you!-)