Haskell.org out of date

Matthew Donadio m.p.donadio@ieee.org
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 21:59:22 -0400

Hampus Ram wrote:
> If it is the "community" we're obviously not doing it right, lots of
> broken links and some that is there but does not work (e.g. the wish-list).
> Only the "libraries and tools" page contains 16 broken links (according
> to linkchecker.sf.net) and some of the tools should in my opinion be
> marked clearly with "antique" so you do not get upset when they require
> ghc 2 to compile without problem...

Well, I will say that John and Olaf have taken care of my updates within
a few hours.

The Haskell Community Report lists what projects are active and what the
status is.

If you see a problem on the website, just metion it any someone will
take care of it.

Matthew Donadio (m.p.donadio@ieee.org)