Haskell.org out of date

Claus Reinke claus.reinke@talk21.com
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 22:11:42 +0100

> Who takes care of haskell.org?


And that means not just Hampus, but all of us reading this.

See also the bottom of haskell.org, or the latest of the regular
calls for help by the current site maintainers, in last month's
HC&AR (which is one project intended to help with this problem):


I assume you knew about all this, and the intent of your email
was to send a wake-up call to all readers of this list before going
on to doing your own bit (which can be as small as finding some
specific out-of-date info, googling for the current link if any, and
sending the diff to John and Olaf, or as big as taking charge of
the part of haskell.org that most interests you and coming up
with a system that makes maintenance easy;-). Good idea!-)

Whenever anyone finds something odd about your haskell.org:
just do something about it (preferably something that helps;-)!

Claus (who now wanders off to see whether there are any links to
            his own pages from haskell.org that would need updating!-)

> If it is the "community" we're obviously not doing it right, lots of
> broken links and some that is there but does not work (e.g. the wish-list).
> Only the "libraries and tools" page contains 16 broken links (according
> to linkchecker.sf.net) and some of the tools should in my opinion be
> marked clearly with "antique" so you do not get upset when they require
> ghc 2 to compile without problem...
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