Can't compile hmake

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 10:19:20 +0100

Thomas Davie <> writes:

>    I'm just trying to get started with haskell and have been having some 
> problems getting hmake to compile.  For some reason it doesn't detect 
> libreadline.  FYI, I'm running Mac OS X.2.6
> Has anyone got any ideas for where I could go from here?

Yes, after configuring, try editing the generated config file as follows:
In targets/`harch`/config, change the line
    READLINE="-DUSE_READLINE=1 -L/sw/lib/ -lreadline"
then proceed to 'make' as usual.

I'll try to put some better detection code into the configure script
for the next release of hmake.