Global variables?

Fergus Henderson
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 19:41:52 +1100

On 05-Feb-2003, Simon Peyton-Jones <> wrote:
> | Haskell 98 has never supported separate compilation.  That's why we
> | have hi-boot files (or something similar).
> | 
> | So, yes, I'd like to know how the language designers intend to support
> | separate compilation in the next version.
> H98 has nothing to say about the separate compilation; it's an issue for
> the implementation.  GHC does separate compilation for Haskell, and
> always has done.  It requires the programmer to supply an auxiliary
> hi-boot file for one module in each mutually recursive group (and, of
> course, none if there is no recursion between modules).

In other words, GHC doesn't support separate compilation of
Haskell 98 -- it supports separate compilation of a closely related
but distinct language which we can call "Haskell 98 + GHC hi-boot files".

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