[GUI] More points for the technical discussion

Wolfgang Thaller wolfgang.thaller@gmx.net
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 21:17:18 +0100

I'd just like to add a few things that should probably go into the 
"Technical Discussion" section:

*) Dialog Button alignment and ordering
Mac OS dialogs have the OK button in the lower right corner, and the 
Cancel button to the left of it.
Most other platforms have it the other way round. Buttons in the wrong 
place could be very annoying
to the end user, so some abstraction is needed here.

*) Dialog Button naming
A rather minor point: many platforms have ready-made Yes-No-Cancel 
dialogs. Apple expressly forbids "Yes" and "No" as button labels - they 
recommend using verbs ("Don't Save" - "Cancel" - "Save") instead. Might 
be too much work to bridge these differences, but who knows?

*) File types
Nowadays, MacOS applications are allowed to use extensions instead of 
the traditional Mac-specific metadata, so it is probably not a big 

*) Displaying File Names and Extension Hiding
Both Mac OS and Windows have an option to hide file extensions (the 
semantics differ in the details).
Mac OS also has a feature where every file or folder on the disk can 
have a (possibly localized) "display name". For example, when the 
system language is set to German, the folder whose POSIX path is 
/Applications/ is displayed as "Anwendungen".

It's probably too early to discuss these details yet, but I thought I'd 
mention them before they get overlooked.