[GUI] Opinion summary.

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang@jeltsch.net
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 23:47:47 +0100

On Sunday, 2003-02-16, 19:12, CET, Axel Simon wrote:
> [...]

> > Furthermore, in section 2 (objectives) you talk about the platforms "=
> > community is interested in". Does this mean that this covers all plat=
> > someone from the community is interested in or that it covers only th=
> > platforms most people of the community are interested in. If the form=
er is
> > the case, I would like to see KDE added.
> But I thought Qt represents KDE in terms of the user interface?! Or is =
> relation like Gtk-GNOME where GNOME provides more advanced widgets?

KDE extends Qt in many ways and the user interface of a KDE application w=
in most cases differ from the one of a pure Qt application. It's not only=
that you have some more advanced widgets in KDE. The KDE UI stuff uses a =
of certain KDE core functionality. For example, file open dialogs use the=
file type and URI scheme handling of KDE.

I want to say something concerning the URI scheme handling. In file open=20
dialogs I can specify arbitrary URIs, not only file paths. For example, i=
f I=20
choose "open file" in KWrite, I can specify a FTP URI pointing to a text=20
file. The text file is fetched via FTP and every click on the "save" butt=
puts the current text via FTP to the server, so that I can work with remo=
files exactly like with local files. I think this is really cool!!

In my opinion, it is very desireable to have this functionality available=
the common Haskell GUI API. The GUI API would have to provide an abstract=
interface to reading and writing data which in the case of KDE would not=20
necessarily be reading from and writing to files.