[GUI] More points for the technical discussion

Nick Name nick.name@inwind.it
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 21:33:40 +0100

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 21:17:18 +0100
Wolfgang Thaller <wolfgang.thaller@gmx.net> wrote:

>  Apple expressly forbids "Yes" and "No" as button labels - they 
>  recommend using verbs ("Don't Save" - "Cancel" - "Save") instead.
>  Might be too much work to bridge these differences, but who knows?

dialogYesNoCancel verb otherArguments = ...

on windows it would display verb in the titlebar and yes no cancel
buttons, on osx and kde environments (yes, kde3 also has verbose dialog
buttons) it would display "don't "++verb, verb, cancel. Also order can
be swapped, guess many problems like this could be easily solved with
the correct level of abstraction. However, it's really too early to
think about stuff like this.

Also, we have to consider the "layout" layer in the GUI wich decides
where to place widgets wich do not have an explicit placement; the
layout layer could handle the okcancel vs cancelok issue. But it would
require hard work; how do the OSX API handle dialogs to costrain the
cancel button on the left?

>  *) File types
>  Nowadays, MacOS applications are allowed to use extensions instead of
>  the traditional Mac-specific metadata, so it is probably not a big 
>  issue.

Has this really something to do with the UI library? The fileopen dialog
will always show correct file types for you if it is native.

>  *) Displaying File Names and Extension Hiding
>  Both Mac OS and Windows have an option to hide file extensions (the 
>  semantics differ in the details).
>  Mac OS also has a feature where every file or folder on the disk can 
>  have a (possibly localized) "display name". For example, when the 
>  system language is set to German, the folder whose POSIX path is 
>  /Applications/ is displayed as "Anwendungen".

The same. IMO, this has to do with a filesystem abstraction, not with
the UI library.

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