How do I build GHC 7.6 from source?

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Thu Sep 20 17:04:21 CEST 2012

> Well, it doesn't quite have the same drawbacks as submodules, because our solution places a burden 
> only on someone who wants to recover a particular repository state, rather than on everyone doing 
> development.
> I think it's worth keeping an eye on submodules in case they fix the gotchas in the UI, but at the 
> moment it looks like we'd have a lot of confused developers, lost work and accidental breakages 
> due to people not understanding how submodules work or forgetting to jump through the correct 
> hoops.
> I'm not saying fingerprints are a good solution, obviously they only solve a part of the problem, 
> but the current tooling for submodules leaves a lot to be desired.

Since you already have fingerprinting in place, have you looked
into 'git subtree' for the remaining functionality? Used to be an
addon module, has recently been merged into git (contrib/).

I don't have further information or recommendations, just wanted
to pass on this alternative - it tends to come up when googling for
'git submodule' issues, and most reports on it have been favorable
(no idea whether it would work for the size and complexity of the
ghc&friends repo landscape).


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