Installing syb(-0.1.03) package in head version of Haskell

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Wed Feb 24 08:22:07 EST 2010

On 24/02/2010 12:28, Christian Maeder wrote:

>>>> And you got that by just 'cabal install syb'?  What version of
>>>> cabal-install?  (cabal --version)
>>> No, just by the Setup, configure, build, install procedure.
>>> "ghc-pkg describe syb" and "ghc-pkg dump" create UTF-8 output.
>> Aha, I think I see where the bug is. Thanks folks, we'll have it fixed
>> in 6.12.2.  In the meantime you should use a UTF-8 locale, eg.
>> LANG=en_US.utf8.
> It is not sufficient for me to reinstall this package with this utf8
> setting. (I think ghc-pkg needs to be fixed or maybe recompiled under utf8.)

There was a missing hSetEncoding, so that ghc-pkg is writing this file 
using the current locale rather than UTF-8, but reading it back as 
UTF-8.  So I'm surprised that temporarily setting your locale to UTF-8 
doesn't work around it - what happens?


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