Cygwin version

Don Stewart dons at
Sun Mar 8 15:54:22 EDT 2009

> I want a _real_ cygwin version of darcs. The non-deterministic
> pseudo-cygwin *nix/Windows hybrid currently available has just 
> too many problems integrating into cygwin, that I want to use as
> my TeXing and minor coding environment. A real cygwin version
> of darcs would seem to depend on a real cygwin version of GHC.
> Is there any easy way to compile one? Otherwise I may have to
> abandon darcs (and Haskell software in general) for Mercurial.
> (Thanks to the over-bearing cabal and resulting hsc2hs etc. 
> build problems with conventional Makefiles, I have already
> pretty much already abandoned my own Haskell projects.)

    "Here is a complete, from-scratch, log of all you need to build GHC
    using Cygwin, kindly provided by Claus Reinke. "

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