Subtle difference between standard instances

Don Stewart dons at
Tue Oct 28 13:18:15 EDT 2008

>    We, at Anygma, noticed that a and b below have different behavior:
>  a, b :: (Int->Int) -> (Int,Int) -> (Int,Int)
>  a = fmap
>  b = second
>    See the blog post at [1]
>    The standard instances for Functor, Monad, and Applicative for tuples is
>    strict. The Arrow on (->) when applied to tuples with first and second,
>    however is non-strict.
>    It is a subtle discrepancy, but it does make a difference for FRP when
>    deriving these standard instances. Any objections to making the Functor,
>    Monad, and Applicative instances for tuples non-strict like Arrows?

Changes to this kind of thing should be proposed on the libraries@
mailing list, via the submission process.

Since you guys are experts in FRP, I imagine this should be fine :)

-- Don

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