breakage with Cabal-1.6

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Fri Oct 10 11:13:59 EDT 2008

Duncan Coutts wrote:

>       * alex-2.2
>       * happy-1.17
> Imports buildVerbose from Distribution.Simple.Setup ( BuildFlags(..) )
> however the flag has been renamed to buildVerbosity and with a different
> type. I would export a compat function but it would not help here since
> the Setup script expects it to be a record selector from BuildFlags.
> Cabal-1.4 contained a dodgy hack to make this continue to work, but I'm
> not doing that again.
> If I added a compat function then we could at least make it work with
> both ghc/cabal versions with a single implementation. So I might do that
> and do point releases of these packages, if Simon thinks that's ok.
> Really of course both packages should stop calling an external perl and
> other similar madness.

I can stop calling Perl, but I still need to run CPP, so I still need the 
runProgram stuff, which means I still need buildVerbose/buildVerbosity.  As 
far as I can see, you could export a compatibility shim called buildVerbose 
without any difficulty, all I have to do is remove the explicit import 
list.  Or is there a better fix you had in mind?


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