Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Fri Oct 10 09:46:32 EDT 2008

Judah Jacobson wrote:

> Once small thing I've noticed: UserInterrupt (ctr-c) exceptions are
> not thrown in ghci, probably because it installs its own signal
> handlers:
> Prelude Control.Exception Control.Concurrent> handle (\UserInterrupt
> -> putStrLn "Caught!") (threadDelay 2000000)
> ^CInterrupted.
> For consistency between the compiled and interpreted environments, it
> would be nice if the above could catch the ctrl-c.  But maybe there's
> a reason not to do this?  If this change sounds OK, I can take a look
> at this and try to put together a patch over the weekend.

Hmm, tricky one.  I agree with the argument for consistency, but on the 
other hand you might also want a way to interrupt a computation regardless, 
and that almost works - as long as the program isn't discarding exceptions 
it knows nothing about.


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