Any Debian Etch packages for GHC 6.8.2?

Wagner Ferenc wferi at
Tue Jan 8 05:23:59 EST 2008

"Ravi Nanavati" <ravi at> writes:

> Well... I built some (not all) of the 6.8.2-related packages in
> Haskell Unsafe on etch.

Hmm.  I couldn't find 6.8 stuff on Haskell Unsafe at all.  Where is
it?  Don't you mean Sid instead?  Ian uploaded 6.8.2 the day before
yesterday...  Maybe when he's finished with this work, a rebuild on
Etch won't be too difficult.

> It's a little tricky because you need to get some build dependencies
> from unstable and some from Haskell Unsafe (as source and then build
> them on etch), but it is possible to work that out. I could
> reconstruct the details, if you're interested (or just put the .debs
> somewhere they can be downloaded).

I think it's better to wait a little bit for the dust to settle, maybe
Ian will also provide some info on this subject.  But thanks for the
offer, I'll ask you for the packages if that will seem like the best

> I should also add that you need to be careful about uninstalling ghc
> libraries before changing ghc versions. Otherwise the wrong ghc-pkg is
> used and the uninstallation (or upgrade when you are installing new
> packages) fails. I wonder if libghc6 libraries shouldn't depend on the
> particular version of ghc they were compiled with (so they
> automatically go if you change ghc versions).

Thanks for the warning, I'll take care.

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