GHC build failures on Mac OS X Leopard: ppc & x86

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Mon Feb 18 16:57:27 EST 2008

Sean Leather wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to build GHC "stable" on my two computers, a PowerBook G4 and
> a MacBook, both running 10.5.2
> Manuel M T Chakravarty:
>> I can't help you with the PPC...

As far as I know -- and I wish to be wrong -- there is no known way to get a 
fully working ghc-6.8.x on OS 10.5.y on the PowerPC (PPC) architecture.

I spent some free time helping debug the ghc-6.8 release, which led to a patch 
for some of the problems being applied in ghc-6.8.1.  But a few other problems 
remain, I suggest looking at open ghc trac tickets on the powerpc architecture.

I still use ghc-6.6.1 for now.

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