GHC build failures on Mac OS X Leopard: ppc

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Wed Feb 20 07:14:23 EST 2008

Chris Kuklewicz wrote:
> As far as I know -- and I wish to be wrong -- there is no known way to
> get a fully working ghc-6.8.x on OS 10.5.y on the PowerPC (PPC)
> architecture.

One problem left was:

m29:fastcgi-3001.0.1 maeder$ ./Setup build
Segmentation fault

I could work around this by using "runghc Setup.lhs build" (and only got
distrubing warnings that I could ignore).

I've tried to debug the problem, but only got the following after typing
"run" twice in gdb on Intel Leopard:

(gdb) run
Starting program: /Users/Shared/maeder/haskell/fastcgi-3001.0.1/Setup build
arch: posix_spawnp: /Users/Shared/maeder/haskell/fastcgi-3001.0.1/Setup:
Bad CPU type in executable

Program exited with code 01.

Could you create a ticket for this problem and investigate it further?

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