ghc 6.6 Debian packages

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Thu Jul 5 13:07:21 EDT 2007

Matthew Danish schrieb:
> What is the problem with asking them to run the command:
> apt-get install libghc6-fgl-dev libghc6-haskell-src-dev libghc6-html-dev libghc6-hunit-dev libghc6-mtl-dev libghc6-network-dev libghc6-quickcheck-dev 
> which installs everything and doesn't saddle them with a ton of
> unnecessary other files?

The problem (for me) is/was to actually find the list of libs that are
needed. I rather recommend to get a complete binary-dist from the ghc
home page (instead of diving into the various package management tools).


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