Debugging on Mac OS X

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Tue Oct 24 05:46:43 EDT 2006

Luke Worth <luke at> wrote:

> I just installed GHC 6.6 using the PPC binary installer on Mac OS X.  
> I'm having some trouble getting debuggers to work; I have tried both  
> plargleflarp (buddha) and Hat. Neither of them will compile on GHC  
> 6.6 on Mac yet.

As an interim measure, I have just made available a 'snapshot' release
of Hat-2.05, specifically to ensure that it compiles with ghc-6.6.  This
is very much a stop-gap.  There have been huge changes in the standard
base library package since the last full release of Hat, which are not
reflected in 2.05.  (For example, Parsec and Data.FiniteMap are no
longer in base, whilst Data.Map, Data.Set and so on have been added.
Hat still has the older API.)

The Hat team is planning to rectify these problems shortly, but we are
unlikely to be able to make a full release before the end of the year.
I hope the 2.05 release is sufficient to meet at least some people's
needs in the meantime.


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