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Robert Dockins robdockins at
Fri Jul 14 13:53:27 EDT 2006

On Jul 14, 2006, at 12:26 PM, Esa Ilari Vuokko wrote:

> On 7/14/06, Robert Dockins <robdockins at> wrote:
>> I posted a message on the libraries list a couple of days ago about a
>> compile problem I'm having.  I haven't got any nibbles.  Because I
> Sorry, it slipped past me.  The reason nobody reacted might also be
> that it's not really ghc's problem, but problem in mingw/winapi  
> headers
> which ghc just drags along.
>> now suspect this is a GHC problem, I'm posting here to see it I can
>> get this resolved.  Rather than repost the details, allow me to refer
>> you to (
> (hopefulyl it's on one line in my mail)
>> 4873) which contains a complete description of the problem.  As far
>> as I can tell, the GHC install is missing a necessary system header,
>> or it isn't being found, or somesuch.  I tried crawling through the
>> headers to find out what the problem is, but, as per usual, the
>> system headers are almost totally incomprehensible.
> I'm just guessing here, but reading the sql.h and sqltypes.h it seems
> likely to me that you should include windows.h before including them.
> If it is so, it very likely is not a bug in ghc or winapi-package  
> from mingw,
> but intentional.  Fix would be to add #include "windows.h" in  
> the .hsc file.

Ah, but that's so simple!  Thanks, that fixed the problem.

>> I've tried using both Cygwin and MSYS shells, but the results are
>> identical.  As I said in the above message, I'm not very familiar
>> with this environment, so I'd appreciate pointers in the correct
>> direction if I've made some mistake.
> In generla, using cygwin shell with cabal and/or packages with  
> configure
> and using non-cygwin-ghc (cygwin port of ghc isn't maintained or  
> built)
> can lead to wierd problems.  Msys sometimes works, sometimes doesn't,
> depending how aware packages are ghc's and msys' mingws' paths.

Humm.  What do people usually do?  Use cmd.exe? *cringes at the thought*

> HTH,
> --Esa

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