RULES pragmas

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Wed Jul 12 10:07:31 EDT 2006

Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace at> wrote:
>>Ah, thank you.  The missing (and undocumented) option.
> Actually, now I came to submit a patch to the manual, I discover that it
> /is/ documented, but at the beginning of section 7.  (But on the index
> page on the web, the link to section 7 is two whole screenfuls away from
> the link to 7.10, so it is no wonder I didn't think to look there
> first.)
> Maybe there are other subsections of 7 that could usefully gain a
> similar pointer to the need for -fglasgow-exts?  For instance, are other
> pragmas (INCLUDE, INLINE, UNPACK) only activated by -fglasgow-exts?

I believe RULES is the only pragma that requires -fglasgow-exts, the reason 
being that the syntax inside RULES uses the 'forall' keyword, which is only 
enabled by -fglasgow-exts.

If you could submit a doc patch, that would be great.


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