Linking with C++ produced by Visual Studio .NET on Windows XP?

Brian Hulley brianh at
Mon Jan 23 11:59:13 EST 2006

Cyril Schmidt wrote:
> I am far from being an expert, but I have seen no answer to your
> question so far, so I'll tell how I'd do it (however ugly that might
> be). I don't have a sample project, but it should be fairly easy to
> make it.
> 1. Make a DLL project in Visual Studio. VS will create a .vcproj and
> .sln files for you. Add your C++ source files to this project.
> 2. Create a .def file for your DLL. It might look like
> function1
>        function2
> where function1 and function2 are the names of the C++ functions that
> you want to invoke from Haskell (there can be more of them, of
> course), MyDLL is the name of your DLL.
> 3. Create an import library that can be used by ghc:
> dlltool -d MyDLL.def -l libMyDLL.a

Thanks. The only problem is that dlltool doesn't work because I don't have 
cygwin installed. (I just downloaded dlltool.exe from somewhere on the web) 
I really don't want to install cygwin if at all possible because I'm trying 
to keep my system as close as possible to an end-user's system ie just winXP 
and nothing else (except VS and GHC) - is there a version of dlltool that 
can just run by itself?


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