Linking with C++ produced by Visual Studio .NET on Windows XP?

Cyril Schmidt cschmidt at
Mon Jan 23 04:56:55 EST 2006

I am far from being an expert, but I have seen no answer to your question
so far, so I'll tell how I'd do it (however ugly that might be). I don't
have a sample project, but it should be fairly easy to make it.

1. Make a DLL project in Visual Studio. VS will create a .vcproj and
.sln files for you. Add your C++ source files to this project.

2. Create a .def file for your DLL. It might look like

where function1 and function2 are the names of the C++ functions that
you want to invoke from Haskell (there can be more of them, of course),
MyDLL is the name of your DLL.

3. Create an import library that can be used by ghc:
dlltool -d MyDLL.def -l libMyDLL.a

where MyDLL.def is the name of the .def file, libMyDLL.a is the import

4. Link your Haskell project, adding the library:
ghc --make main.hs -optl-lMyDLL -optl-L.
(-optl switch passes its argument as an option to the linker).

Hope this helps.




>Hi -
>I'm wondering if anyone has a simple Visual Studio .NET C++ project that
>would demonstrate how to link C++ with Haskell (or vice versa). Ie a .sln,
>.vcproj, .cpp, and .h file containing one C++ function and a Haskell file
>main.hs that calls this function, so that if I click on the .sln file and
>hit F6 the VS project will build then on the command line if I type
>ghc --make main.hs the Haskell program will be built so that when I type
>"main" on the command line it will run and call the C++ function.

>Sorry if this all sounds too basic but I don't know how to compile C++ from
>the command line at all or how to use make files, and I need to use the
>Visual Studio compiler because my own C++ code relies on Microsoft



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