Problem with porting GHC

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue May 3 10:09:24 EDT 2005

On 29 April 2005 22:49, Liwen Huang wrote:

>  I am trying to port GHC to QNX machines. I followed the instructions
>  in the document of porting GHC strictly.
>  Everything went well until I came to the step
>  $cd H/ghc/lib
>  $make -k UseStage1=YES EXTRA_HC_OPTS='-O -fvia-C -keep-hc-files'
>  I was given following error messages
>  -------------------------------------
>  System/Directory/Internals.hs:1:0:
>      Module `System.Directory.Internals' is a member of package
>      base-1.0. To compile this module, please use -ignore-package
>  base-1.0. -------------------------------------
>  I have tried to add the option, but then the compiler can not find
> Prelude. 
>  My host machine is running redhat9.0.  It also has ghc-6.4
> installed. Will that be the reason why I got  this problem when
> creating a unregisterised GHC.

This error message shouldn't occur, but looking at the build system, it
might if you were bootstrapping using an older version of GHC (6.2.x?).

Could you send me the complete output from the command that failed?


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