Problem with porting GHC

Liwen Huang liwen.huang at
Tue May 3 18:57:23 EDT 2005

On Tue, 3 May 2005, Simon Marlow wrote:

> This error message shouldn't occur, but looking at the build system, it
> might if you were bootstrapping using an older version of GHC (6.2.x?).

Yes! That is exactly my case. I have GHC6.2 as default. After I change 
it to my local copy of GHC6.4, this problem disappears.
However, when I execute the last command of cross-compilation, I get 
another problem.

$make hc-file-bundle Project=Ghc
I have following error msg. 
echo ghc-6.4/libraries/base/GHC/PrimopWrappers.hs >> hc-files-to-go
echo ghc-6.4/ghc/compiler/parser/Parser.hs >> hc-files-to-go
echo ghc-6.4/ghc/compiler/parser/ParserCore.hs >> hc-files-to-go
echo ghc-6.4/ghc/compiler/main/ParsePkgConf.hs >> hc-files-to-go
echo ghc-6.4/libraries/haskell-src/Language/Haskell/Parser.hs >> 
tar czf ghc-6.4-i386-pc-nto-qnx6.2.0-hc.tar.gz `cat hc-files-to-go`
tar: ghc-6.4/ghc/rts/AutoApply_thr.hc: Cannot stat: No such file or 
tar: ghc-6.4/ghc/rts/AutoApply_thr_p.hc: Cannot stat: No such file or 
tar: ghc-6.4/ghc/rts/AutoApply_debug.hc: Cannot stat: No such file or 
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
make: *** [hc-file-bundle] Error 2

Since it is mentioned in the documentation, that we can ignore "rts 
and the gz file is successfully generated. I decide to try the next step. It 
it safe to do so?


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