Haddock's -s switch is broken

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Tue May 3 10:24:01 EDT 2005

Simon Marlow writes:

 > Anyway, in CVS, the argument to -s is transformed as follows:
 >   - the string %M is replaced by the module name
 >     (with '.' replaced by '/')
 >   - the string %F is replaced by the source file name
 > so to get the behaviour of Haddock 0.6, you say 'haddock -s <url>/%F'.

Very cool. Adding the '%F' did fix the problem; thanks for
the pointer.

I am all for having links to the source code wherever
possible, by the way, I think that's the right direction to
go. IMHO, the best solution would be generate the pages with
the source along with the documentation. This approach gets
rid of most file-name-guessing problems, and it allows for
nifty features to be added (such as adding hyperlinks in the
source code, too).

Doxygen, which seems to be C++'s Haddock on steroids, does
it this way and it works nicely.


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