ghc and cabal

Isaac Jones ijones at
Fri Aug 5 10:14:12 EDT 2005

"Serge D. Mechveliani" <mechvel at> writes:

> I do have some difficulties with this, because Cabal-1.1.1 `README'
> suggests just to run  `make install'  as a root,  I do not see any
> configureing possibility for the installation, and so on.

Yes, perhaps the README should be tweaked to explain non-root
installations.  Actually, all you have to do is "make setup" and then
install normally like any other package, except for the business of
hiding the older version that's explained in the README.

> But, in principle, what is the relation between Cabal and GHC 
> installation?
> In   ghc-,  
>      `ghci -package Cabal'    says  "Cabal-1.0".
> I have read some of Cabal manual, about how to use  runhaskell. 
> But as I recall, I never installed Cabal. GHC has installed it itself.

You can use "runghc" or "runhugs" you may or may not have "runhaskell"
depending on your platform.

> Which Cabal version will be in official  ghc-6.4.1  by default?

It'll be 1.0 with some bug fixes (Simon: can you please make the
version number '1.0.1'?)

> If it is 1.0, then  ghc-6.4.1 will fail with `make' for profiling.
> So, the user needs to install another Cabal version and to link it 
> to GHC, and this occurs difficult. This is likely to complicate the 
> usage of GHC

Yep.  Profiling support won't be there, but some of the problems you
faced in building a separate Cabal will hopefully be fixed in the new
version of GHC.



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