Using packages in ghci

Adrian Hey ahey at
Fri Oct 1 05:36:55 EDT 2004


Where does ghci look for .hi files from packages? (I doesn't seem to
be the same place as ghc). AFAICT it expects to find them relative to
the current directory, and I can only get it to work by cding to
the appropriate directory *before* invoking ghci (doing this from
within ghci seems to really mess things up).

But I guess this isn't what's supposed to happen because this
solution will only work with one package.

My package entry looks like this..

   {name = "Data.Tree.AVL",
    auto = True,
    import_dirs = ["/home/adrian/HaskellLibs/Data.Tree.AVL/pkg"],
    source_dirs = [],
    library_dirs = ["/home/adrian/HaskellLibs/Data.Tree.AVL/pkg"],
    hs_libraries = ["Data.Tree.AVL"],
    extra_libraries = [],
    include_dirs = [],
    c_includes = [],
    package_deps = ["base", "Data.COrdering"],
    extra_ghc_opts = [],
    extra_cc_opts = [],
    extra_ld_opts = [],
    framework_dirs = [],
    extra_frameworks = []}

Is there something missing here?

Adrian Hey

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