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gaufridus at gaufridus at
Fri Oct 1 09:33:44 EDT 2004

Thank you, Simon!

I did not get a "wxHaskell install".  wxHaskell is a zip file, not an
executable or a Windows installation file.  The directions at the site
are clear about simply unzipping it and running the
wxhaskell-register.bat file.

You are absolutely right about the environment variable.  The batch
file expected an environment variable named WINDIR, but it did not
automatically exist on my computer (it is really named SYSTEMROOT).
Instead of changing the bat file, I simply added the WINDIR
environment variiable and then ran the batch file.  (From the command

Excellent!  I typed in the first example at the "quick start" at the
site, and it ran just fine.  I can now compile any of the samples
easily and run them.  I am impressed with GHC, wxWindows, and
extremely grateful for your help.

Thank you,
   -- Geoff

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 14:20:19 +0100, Simon wrote:

>Looks like wxHaskell needs to set an environment variable when
>installing the package, but because you did it by hand you didn't have
>this environment variable set.
>Why didn't the normal wxHaskell install work for you?
>	Simon

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