Is there a non-blocking version of hGetArray?

Peter Simons simons at
Fri Oct 1 03:44:34 EDT 2004


I am a happy user of hGetBufNonBlocking, but I have come to
realize that mutable arrays are nicer to work with than
pointers, so I have considered using hGetArray instead. I
do, however, depend on the fact that the function returns as
soon as it has read data -- even if less than requested --,
like hGetBufNonBlocking does.

Is there currently a way to achieve this?

Am I right assuming that hGetBuf and hGetArray do not differ
much performance-wise?

One of the reasons I am curious about using mutable arrays
is because of Data.Array.Base.unsafeRead, which seems to be
a *lot* faster than accessing the memory through a pointer.
Is there anything comparable for pointer access?


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