Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Derek Elkins ddarius at
Tue Jan 27 04:21:20 EST 2004

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:24:43 +0100
Gour <gour at> wrote:

> Derek Elkins (ddarius at wrote:
> > Well, what's the -v output for the "hello world" file?  In a
> > nutshell, what's all the information that could be provided that
> > might possibly be useful and does anything go wrong doing the things
> > GHC is attempting to do directly.  
> I've already provided (in previous thread) output for "hello world".
> Please, if you can tell me if you need soem specific -vN output?
> >Finally, if it's not necessary to use 6.2, try 6.0.1.
> One of the things that bothered me in compiling & running darcs is bug
> with renameFile (confirmed at Sourceforge) in 6.0.1, so 6.2 is needed.

Looking at (the next post by) kyra that you linked to, the only
difference that is apparent is the quotes.  There are some changes to
the rawSystem command that might make that difference* (or the
difference might be at it's use).  So you might want to try modifying
that and seeing if that makes a difference.  If GHCi loads, you can
probably test the difference by using rawSystem and sending the command
in the -v output and explicitly adding \"s (after making sure it doesn't
work).  Unless I missed it, Microsoft doesn't mention any differences in
CreateProcess between Windows versions with regards to
this issue.  Or the issue may be somewhere else entirely.

I'm sure the GHC maintainers would find an example as small and simple
as: <<'rawSystem "gcc" ["-c","c:\\foo\\bar.c"]' doesn't work but
'rawSystem"gcc" ["\"-c\"","\"c:\\foo\\bar.c\""]' does>> nice.


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