Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Gour gour at
Tue Jan 27 09:18:09 EST 2004

andrew cooke (andrew at wrote:

> is there any way to raise this as a bug so that someone involved with ghc
> finds a suitable machine and solves the problem?  it's not just my client
> that's having problems - someone else here has reported something similar.

I'd also like to see this marked as a bug - ghc-6.2 is broken on Win98 & ME

Unfortunately, I do not know enough Haskell to try to fix it, but there is
definitely issue with the temporary files.

However, I'm ready to spend (and I'm already spending time) soem time to try
different routes in order to help fix the bug.

(My primary platform is Gentoo Linux, but would like to know that Haskell 
programs are multi-platform, and at the moment Win98 - under Win4Lin - is my
2nd dev. paltform.)


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